What do Berlin, Vienna, Paris, Budapest, Amsterdam and the picturesque Slovene village of Preddvor have in common?
The FreeForms International Festival!


15th and 16th June 2018


Free Forms is an artistic conversation between musucians, who use their virtuosity and openmindedness to facilitate a complex multi-dimensional reality. They use their performances to communicate with the public who cares about Human inner complexity. They meet at the crossroads of opinions where they don't go their separate ways but join on a single path. Their collaboration can serve as an example of how to build trust, cooperation and tolerance. Free Forms is a counterstrike against the current consumer monoculture.



Festival location / Hotel Alma • Grad Hrib

Grad Hrib, Hrib 4, SI-4205 Preddvor, Slovenia


Friday, 15th June 2018, at 7:30pm



The evening concert promises an intimate musical experience with a sensual communication between musicians and guests. The international community of musicians will walk their skills through the lands of Jazz, Free Jazz, experimental and improvisational pieces and will provide new dimensions in the world of music:


Lucy Zhao, pipes (China, Austria)

Chiao-Hua Chang, erhu (Taiwan, Austria)
Mauricio Valdes San Emeterio, electric guitar, electronics (Mexico, Slovenia)

Emil Gross, drums & percussions (Austria)
ZuEllis Elisa Ulian, vocals (Italy)

Jaka Ropret, bass guitar (Slovenia, France)

Jaka Hawlina, trumpet (Slovenia)
Aleš Gasparič, flute, bass recorder, didjiredoo (Slovenia)

Boštjan Perovšek, electronics (Slovenia)

Saturday, 16th June 2018, at 11:00am


Gathering at the Alma Hotel terrace


Saturday morning will be spent in nature among fellow guests and performing artists. It will end with the presentation of vocally-therapeutic project »The Emotional Free Singing and Screaming - EFSS« under the guidance of Free Forms creator and supporter of the Limitationes movement, Udo Preis from Austria.


EFFS - emotional free singing and screaming - is similar to the unsystematic vocal communication between professional and amateur musicians (for example, five clarinet players playing simultaneously). It is based on the body-centered therapy by Wilhelm Reich. Reich originates from the mystical philosophical mentor and Greek-Armenian composer Georg Ivanovich Gurdjieff.  His mediational philosophy and breathing technique knowledge stem from the realisation that breathing has a fundamental effect on the body, emotions, intellectual and spiritual capabilities of an individual. The purpose of EFSS therapy is to create distance from wild music and bring an individual back to the creative, emotional and thought process roots.


Free Forms Festival was formed in a once-famous natural climatic spa. The small Gorenjska village of Preddvor used to host over 35.000 tourists from all over Europe then disappeared off the tourist destination map practically overnight. After a several-decade hiatus, the village is now back on the list of nature-friendly tourist destinations with fresh air, positive energy and secret adventures.


Preddvor is located at the foot of Storžič mountain, the highest mountain of the western part of the Kamniško-Savinjske Alps. It is praised for its marvelous landscapes, natural drinking water in the mountain streams and walks through cultural and historical monuments. One of which is undoubtedly the Hrib castle with its lake and 100-year old sequoia park and fraxinus pathways. The event will also be held in the Hall of Hrib Castle.


Free Forms International Festival • Preddvor 2018 is the first event of its kind in this village, located about 10km away from the main airport, 25km away from the capital city of Ljubljana and 30km away from the Austrian border.



Welcome to the FREE FORMS Festival • PREDDVOR 2018!



Zg. Bela 20, SI - 4205 Preddvor

Tel: +386 (4) 25-55-600

E: gostilna.bizjak@siol.net


FB: @glampingbizjak


Do you wish to sleep in nature? Beautiful bungalows are located just two kilometers from the Preddvor center in a nice retreat called Zeleno morje. Evenings can be spent in an outdoor wooden tub with candle light and Champagne and mornings are endowed by a huge homemade breakfast. You can also use their Finnish sauna.


Hrib 4a, SI - 4205 Preddvor

Tel:+386 (0)40 707 157

E: info@hotel-alma.si

W: www.hotel-alma.si

FB: @Hotel.Alma.Grad.Hrib.Preddvor


This pleasant small hotel is located about half a kilometer from Preddvor, right next to Hrib castle and Črnava lake. The hotel has clean, organised rooms with a beautiful view of the lake and surrounding hills, a terrace with a castle pavillion and of course friendly staff.


Tupaliče 32, SI – 4205 Preddvor

T:+386 (0)4 255 62 50,
+386 (0)4 255 16 61

E: pension.zaplata@siol.net

W: www.pension-zaplata.com

FB: @pensionzaplata


Pension Zaplata offers you a pleasant at-home atmosphere and is about one kilometer away from Preddvor. The building is furnished in an Alpine style with modern-furnished rooms, a bar and a restaurant, a children's corner and a summer terrace with a breathtaking view of the Julian Alps and the Karavanke.



Šolska ulica 2, SI - 4205 Preddvor

Tel: +386 (0)4 255 10 75


This old country restaurant is located in the center of Preddvor and is well-known for its authentic Slovene and Preddvor cuisine, served with home-made juices and Slovene wines. Their refurbished gallery holds a series of known and lesser-known masterpieces, while the restaurant's garden will allow you to bask in the shades of 100-year-old chestnut trees.


Zg. Bela 20, SI - 4205 Preddvor

Tel: +386 (4) 25-55-600

E: gostilna.bizjak@siol.net


FB: @glampingbizjak


A restaurant with a more than 200-year tradition, located at the foot of mighty Storžič, about two kilometers away from Preddvor. It is well-known for its local food, superior wines and a seasonal terrace withan amazing view of the park with its flowers and greenery.


Tupaliče 32, SI – 4205 Preddvor

T:+386 (0)4 255 62 50, +386 (0)4 255 16 61

E: pension.zaplata@siol.net

W: www.pension-zaplata.com

FB: @pensionzaplata


Pension Zaplata is the go-to destination for a top quality and unforgettable culinary experience. Their restaurant is famous for its venison specialties and traditional Slovene dishes. Their chefs use seasonal local ingredients and old Slovene recipes when preparing your meal.


Dvorski trg 1, SI – 4205 Preddvor

Tel: +386 (0)4 255 60 51



FB: @gorskiprivez


The pizzeria is located in the center of Preddvor and is considered a favourite by the local inhabitants. In addition to excellent oven-baked pizzas they also have a unique sellection of salads and appetizers. Pre-ordering will also warrant you a serving of pork chops.


Srednja Bela 1b, SI - 4205 Preddvor

Tel: +(386) 41 662 267

E: korl.tersek@gmail.com

FB: @vilabellaa


A restaurant with international specialties and a superior wine selection is located about a kilometer from the center of Preddvor, right next to a forrest, surrounded by natural wonders, beautiful regardless of the season.


Festival Producer & Programme manager

SAETA, zavod za kulturne in promocijske dejavnosti

Boštjan Perovšek

T: +396 (0)51 628 906

E: bostjan@perovsek.si

W1: www.perovsek.si

W2: www.saeta-band.net

FB:  @iBostjan

Festival Executive Producer

Kulturno društvo Tratéteater / Agencija PijaR

Janja Rehberger Cerkvenik

T: +386 (0)51 606 220

E: pijar@pijar.si

W: www.glasbaingledalisce.si

Free Froms Festival Founder


Udo Preis

T: +43 (0)699 1080 9593

E: playup@aon.at

W: www.limmitationes.com

FB1: @limmitationes

FB2: @justmusicgroup


Zavod za turizem Preddvor

Dvorski trg 3, Preddvor

T: +386 (0) 40 66 99 64

E: info@preddvor-tourism.si

W: www.preddvor-tourism.si

FB: @preddvortourism


Občina Preddvor

Dvorski trg 10, Preddvor

W: www.preddvor.si